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We got them covered.


Jon is an awesome agent.  He is always nice and polite and gets back to me asap. He has helped me and my family get the right coverage to meet our needs. Thank you Jon for all your help!

Sandra R. from Newport News, VA

Jon has helped me navigate the confusing health insurance market for a number of years.  He has saved me time and money.  He is incredibly responsive and wonderful to deal with.  I highly recommend him to anyone shopping for health insurance.

Mike L. from Reston, VA


Dear Mr. Katz,

Thanks solely to you, I am squared away for 2015 medical coverage with Anthem. Thank you for your follow-up email and expertise. I will be in touch for your professional advice when I become eligible for Medicare summer 2015.

Roy F. from Virginia Beach, VA

You have been nothing but the best insurance broker for which anyone can ask – knowledgeable, communicative, and definitely not least – prompt; I am sure you realize I tell friends, family, and even random people I meet who are in need of health insurance about you?  I pay it forward. When my situation employment situation changes – and if I need new independent health insurance – rest assured, the name “Jon Katz” will be at the tip of my tongue! Thank you in advance for your always diligent nature; I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Brandon T from Vienna, VA

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